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Hi. I'm Leo. I am a professional singer, performer, songwriter.

I have a rich experience of working on the stage, in Europe and in Asia, with bands and as a solo performer, in different contries and in different styles. I am a variuos style singer and I had an experience with very different styles of music, from rock music to club music and collaborations with DJs.
Now I am available to any new remotely musical experiences, experiments and collaborations with 
DJs, Bands, Projects, Producers and any creative musicians around the World, who has own music. In ANY styles.

For example: 

You will send me your own music (in ANY style),

I will write my lyrics, record vocals and do mixing on studio, with studio quality.

Or I will send only vocals to you, for your mixing.

And we will have our song/track.

For free and for fun and then we will see...

Please check my audio files of all my experiments with music and feel free to contact me with your ideas for possible cooperation.
I am a freelancer and traveler, so I am available remotely and for any country.

For commercial and non-commercial collaborations.
Thank you.